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diving with giants

Experience the magic of Komodo National Park

everything is bigger

in komodo

The Komodo National Park is a protected marine area between the islands of Flores and Sumbawa in Indonesia. Because of this protection the flora and fauna are free to grow humorously large.

From the giant manta rays, to the turtles that span over a meter, to schools of napoleon wrasse that look bigger than a scooter, you’ll find that everything in Komodo is oversized.

except when it's


Komodo is known for the big stuff – manta rays, many types of sharks, and the occasional mola-mola or gray whale – but there are great opportunities to see macro critters as well.

If you’re a critter hunter, we can take you to dive sites where you’ll see ghost pipefish, seahorse, seamoth, bobtail squid, and possibly even the highly sought-after flamboyant cuttlefish. And nudibranch are abundant, for those with a good eye.

diving with us

full service

At Sea Creatures Diving, we take care of everything, from transporting your gear, to warm towels after a dive, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday

fast boat

Our custom-built speed boat will get you to the sites and back quickly. We leave at the reasonable hour of 8:00 so you can have a bit of a sleep-in

more options

Experience a wide range of diving, including afternoon and night dives, plus trips to the north or south regions of the park , any day of the week

dive & stay at

le pirate island

Need somewhere great to stay while visiting Komodo? Le Pirate Island is the serene, island glamping situation of your dreams. White sand and beautiful turquoise waters feel like

heaven and the feeling is multiplied by the use of natural materials and savvy eco-practices. Get ready to unplug and bask in the beauty of an island paradise.

the best place in komodo for

shore diving

Sea Creatures Diving has a satellite shop on-site at Le Pirate Island which means you have even more options for diving with us. The island has a beautiful house-reef which can easily be dived from the shore and the protected shallow areas are perfect for learning to dive.

We can also pick-up at Le Pirate Island for trips to the Komodo National Park on our speed boat. Best of all, if you book your stay at Le Pirate Island through us, you
can save 5% on boat dives.

packages &


We offer daily trips to Komodo National Park.
Leaving the dock at 8:00 and return around 3 pm.
Dive trips include:

    • 3 dives
    • Free rental gear
    • Free nitrox (for nitrox certified divers)
    • Snacks, lunch, water, tea, and coffee

$175 USD   /   2.700.000 RP

night dives

Join our night dives on Wednesdays and Fridays – a must-dive while you’re in Komodo!

$80 USD   /   1.200.000 RP

Park fees are not included

There are so many incredible things to see in Komodo, we recommend spending more time underwater. Our 3-10 packages will ensure you experience all of the wonder of Komodo.

3 days, 9 dives

$510 USD   /   7.695.000 RP

Save 5%

5 days, 15 dives

$800 USD   /   12.150.000 RP

Save 10%

Park fees not included

7 days, 21 dives

$1,060 USD   /   16.065.000 RP

Save 15%

10 days, 30 dives

$1,390 USD   /   21.600.000 RP

Save 20%

Our instructors provide customized training from DSD to Dive master. Please send us a WhatsApp message to inquire about a course that you are interested in.

discover scuba diving

$180 USD   /   2.750.000 RP

1-2 days, 2 dives

open water certification

$520 USD   /   7.900.000 RP

3-5 days, 4 dives

advanced open water

$455 USD   /   6.900.000 RP

2 days, 5 dives

rescue diver

$602 USD   /   9.000.000 RP

3-5 days, 2 dives

nitrox specialty

$230 USD   /   3.500.000 RP

1 day, 2 dives

refresher course

$50 USD   /   800.000 RP

Add on to fun dives

Park fees not included

We offer guided shore dives at our satellite shop on Le Pirate Island. Dives are scheduled according to the tides, and can be arrange for guests of Le Pirates or those staying in Labuan Bajo. Shore dives include:

    • 1 tank dive
    • Free rental gear
    • Free nitrox (for nitrox certified divers)
    • Knowledgeable guide

1 tank dive

$73 USD   /   1.100.000 RP

2 dives

$105 USD   /   1.600.000 RP

6 dives

$305 USD   /   4.620.000 RP

discover scuba diving

$155 USD   /   2.300.000 RP

  • Includes 2 shore dives

open water certification

$520 USD   /   7.900.000 RP

  • Includes 1 shore dive, and 3 boat dives

Transit and daily visitor fees may apply for divers not staying at Le Pirate Island

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